Primary School in Champagne Mouton

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My family and I will be moving to the area around Champagne Mouton early in 2018. Our little girl who has just turned 5 will, I think be attending maternelle and then primary school in Champagne Mouton. I would love to hear from any parents whose children attend already, it’d be great to get your opinions of the school and any feedback you’d like to share. Also we’d like to meet up with any young families, it’d be great to make some friends before we arrive and great for our daughter to have some familiar faces at school.

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exciting news, Kate… hope some folk chime in soon…

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Thanks Stella.

Incidentally, there is a 5 year old English boy in our village school. Joined us this September. Has a few words of French oui, non sort of thing but that is all. Very shy and quiet… anyway I saw him at the School Christmas Dinner/Party…he is still shy, but has made a few friends and is working hard on his French (he whispers it… so I am encouraging him to speak up a bit as his teacher cannot understand him of she cannot hear him… :slight_smile: ).

His Mum tells me that at first, he did not want to go to school… he kept coming up with excuses… but nowadays, that is a rare occurrence thank goodness…

( and which of us ever really wanted to go to school, if there was something better to do… )

Thanks Stella, that’s good to know. Our little is rather shy too so we’d love her to meet some children before she starts.

Hi Kate - my three grandchildren all go to the schools in Champagne Mouton and all have done really well there, from Maternelle through the next one - can’t recall its proper name - to the College. From what I hear from them and my daughter, the teachers are really nice and caring and the classes are small, so I think your daughter will be fine. She will pick up the language very quickly, as children that age do. Maybe you could contact the school before your daughter starts, to see if they can suggest any local families - English or French - for your daughter to meet. I can’t say if this would work, but it’s an idea. My youngest grandson is 6 now so has progressed from Maternelle, or I’d suggest she could meet him, but I’m sure you’ll find friends quickly… Good luck.

Hi again Kate - I mentioned you to my daughter - I don’t know if you speak French or not - if you do that’s fine but if not, at least one of the teachers at the Maternelle speaks English, and my daughter is sometimes called in to translate if necessary, so you might meet her too.

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Hi Jacky, thank you so much for your reply, it is very reassuring. I’d love to get in touch with your daughter if at all possible as I’d like to connect with people before we arrive.
Have you lived in the area for a long time? I’d love to hear your thoughts, advice etc if you have anything to share about living there.
You can PM me if you prefer.
Thank you again and Happy New Year.