Prince Charles

We don’t have TV… but so many UK friends were zapping me about this last night, that I found it on YouTube… and I’ve been watching this morning…

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I don’t class myself as a royalist but I like Prince Charles and I get really annoyed with people(Janet Street Porter, who is an annoying pseudo journalist imo) that say he should not be king. Not only is it his right I am sure William would sooner not have that responsibility yet.


I’m not a royalist either, but while the monarchy is the current Operating System in the Kingdom of which I am a reluctant subject…

… commoners should mind their Ps and Qs because they have absolutely no constitutional role in the succession to the throne, and such pipsqueaks as do think they can challenge Holy writ could be charged with Treason, and their heads put on the block. I would happily join the knitting throng at the execution.

I think Charles will be a Right Royal King, to the manner born indeed, and if he inherits his parents’ DNA he shall reign over us for 40 years or so, and be the last sovereign to feature on hard currency, I predict.

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Peter… did you watch the programme ?

No, Stella, but I have an elder-brother soft spot for Charles, as I was eleven when the little chap was born. I envy him his well-cut suits. I share his slightly barmy views on homeopathy too. His critics should just shurrup :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1::grinning:


I also have always had an inexplicable respect for our Charles despite my aversion to all the pomp and circumstance and fawning that is usually associated with Royalty. I’d rather him for the remaining decades of my life than William. A real Royal rather than a media spawned example.

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Have you ever met William?
I have, and not in a staged setting either.
He is as normal young man as he could hope to be given his circumstances.
I agree Charles should succeed, but your comments on William were way off the mark.

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I’d rather have Charles… but simply because he has waited in the wings… and wants to do his duty. As a Dad, I suspect he would want his son to enjoy as normal a life as possible, for as long as possible…

I think you might just be a little harsh to be using phrases like “media spawned example” for other royals…


I wasn’t criticizing William in person, as you rightly assumed I have never met him, but rather the media driven hysteria that seems to consume and control many facets of modern life. Charles is from a different age. Personally, if we have to have royalty I would rather they were more imperial. I don’t want my Royals to be ‘of the people’.

Thanks for posting this Stella…I don’t have any British TV here and haven’t watched any British TV for about 7 years even when I was still in uk…

I can’t say I’m a royalist either but one thing I have always liked about them is their advocacy of homeopathy…and reduction of the use of antibiotics…

I watched this and wouldn’t have known about it unless you posted it…I guess my “soft-spot” has always been for William and Harry because of what happened to their mom…If they could just advocate for Gaza and Palestine and Yemen and Syria a little more then they would win my heart completely…I guess there are only so many hours in their days too…

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I’d prefer the monarchy skip a generation but can’t see that happening so we’ll have 20+ years of Charles trying not to interfere which should be fun, not!

To be fair to Prince Charles he was talking about the problem of plastic over 20 years ago. Perhaps if he’d been allowed to ‘interfere’ a bit more we would be in less of a mess.
Furthermore he stated himself that as sovereign he could not and would not interfere.
I am and have always been very in tune with his attitude to organics, sustainability and alternative remedies where appropriate. The fact is that no person should be expected to just turn up and open things for 50 years and if he had done he would have been criticised for it.

He has done amazing things for young people with the Prince’s Trust and changing lives for the better deserves recognition.
It now seems that both he and Diana were forced into a marriage neither wanted and interfering courtiers stopped him from marrying Camilla, the love of his life.
He will make a good monarch and he respects the Royal side of his life, but has also allowed his sons to have a more ‘normal’ young life before joining the family firm.
Both William and Harry are their own person and the fact that they are already using their influence to promote mental health for young people and rehabilitation for wounded veterans show that they are already a force for good within the life of the nation.


It’s telling that he felt it necessary to say that he would keep his opinions to himself when he becomes king. I bare him no ill will, just would prefer a younger monarch.

Why though?
He has experience, he has commitment, he doesn’t have a young family to distract him.
Also the man has shaped his whole life to be ready for a job he didn’t even choose, why would anyone snatch it away because of his age.
If you don’t want him to have opinions then you might as well have a robot.

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I’m sure the Queen has opinions but as a ‘passive’ head of state she should (and publicly has) kept them to herself, I fully expect Charlie to do the same but my hopes aren’t high.

He had to say that becase so many people seem to attribute to him the fact that he doesn’t understand the difference of the two,positions.

Yes Jane…

Actually… I thought he explained the differences between the two roles very well… :thinking:

whatever he says… is judged by folk of whatever persuasion … so he might just as well try and cover all the bits and bobs… saves folk from misunderstanding and/or misjudging… (sometimes)…

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