Printer not recognised by laptop

Hello all sorry it’s never ending here . We now have WIFI and a new printer . However we have followed every instruction online and can’t see why my laptop will not be recognised by printer? I can print from mobile and printer does copy documents ? That makes me think it’s the laptop that says NO ? Now guys I’m not IT literate so be kind !! Karen

Myriad possibilities unfortunately. When you say “laptop will not be recognised by printer” what do you mean - because usually you’d say that the other way around.

One possibility which springs to mind is make sure you don’t have “AP isolation” set on the WiFi router.

By the way, what laptop, what Wi-Fi router and what printer?

Need more info. As @billybutcher has written, usually the PC has to search for the printer, and the printer should be declaring itself (broadcasting) to all the other devices on the network that might be listening. Assuming that your laptop is running Windows 10, there might be a network setting option on the PC that currently prevents it from searching beyond its own trusted network space. There are plenty of other reasons though, hence the need more info on your network setup.

And the make and the model of printer could be important. I still have trouble from time to time with an HP printer and a Mac. It’s usually something to do with Wifi.

Ok maybe its the other way around ? Laptop HP ,printer HP router we just had put in Orange yhink thats right ? Also my laptop is showing the printer now but still not printing ?

Not quite.

Apple AirPrint works like that, Wi-Fi direct printing could be said to work like that (except the broadcast is not on the existing network but inviting devices to join a printer specific WiFi network), but mostly traditional printer drivers need to “know” where the printer is on the network - which is specified or discovered during set-up.

Have you installed the HP printer driver & software on the laptop?

Usually the printer comes with a set up programme on a CD rom. Of course most laptops these days do not have a CD player. You should be able to download the programme direct from the HP website

I’ve found that Win 10 will, of its own volition, find recent HP printers and prompt you to install the support software. No human intervention required other than click ‘YES’ when prompted (or CTRL+F4 in my case :wink: )

And Kaz - if you can supply make and model number of computer, Windows version, printer and router then you should get some more specific suggestions.

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I was referring more to the Bonjour protocol rather than Airprint. Other than that, all HP Wi-Fi enabled printers implement the JetDirect socket protocol and ipp protocol in addition to Bonjour. The ipp protocol, and from what I recall also JetDirect protocol, require the user to know the local network address of the printer, however the setup software provided by HP should be able to autoconfigure that for the user without them having to enter anything. If the laptop is blocking network transmissions, e.g. due to an active firewall, for any of these protocols, then the setup will fail.

The link here might be of some use if the printer appears to be detected, but off line.

AirPrint use Bonjour as the underlying service/device discovery protocol (in turn based on mDNS I think).

I assume that the laptop can connect to the WiFi network and thence to the internet. Ditto the printer. It should then just be a question of installing the drivers - though, as @_Brian says, W10 should be able to “find” the printer and provide basic print services.

As you say modern printers tend to offer several protocols - which can be a right nightmare for Linux users as the same printer shows up six different ways.

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I’ll drink to that! :beers: Throw in 2 separate local networks with different address ranges and it gets really interesting :rofl::rofl:

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Ok will try to absorb and apply no CD and followed the online instructions but still no go will try tomorrow

I knew it would be an HP printer. I have two of these and both have always been a nightmare to connect to the laptops. As the OP mentioned, for some reason getting them to work with the phone - no probs.

The LaserJet I have here came with a set-up CD. This Tosh has a disc player. I did what HP wanted me to do - used the disc. It worked for a while then the HP had a nervy turn and no amount of unloading and reloading the set-up from the disc worked.

Asking Win10 to find the printer and make it go, worked. Somewhere along the line I installed HP Smart. I don’t need this to print - Win10 handles that - but I do need it to scan.

On the other hand, the Brother w/less printer I have has always been rock solid.

HP printers are still really Canons so far as I know.

I have a cheap end Canon. Each time I use it, it seems to want to connect slightly different to the last time. I’m finding WiFi direct is the most consistently working.

I would test the printer using a USB cable in the first place, then set it up to use WiFi using the drivers installed for USB

Worth a try - but I think the HP drivers need setting up from scratch again if you try that.

Hi ok we sort of got it work but its a faff

Hello, I would usually be the last person to offer advice about anything technological, but since the same (or similar) thing happened to me recently on two different printers it could potentially be useful.

On the new one in France, I set it up per the website instructions, but the printer didn’t come up on the list. Eventually I figured out that there were more printers on the list below those that showed, but there was no indication that you could scroll down, so I had no idea they were there. When I did I found the new printer and clicked on it and all was fine.

On my old faithful printer recently I went to print from my laptop as usual but it indicated (I don’t remember the words, sorry) that there was no device connected to the printer. All the cables were connected. Eventually I printed from a back up laptop and it printed fine. I thought the problem must have been with my laptop not being recognised, but…

Remembering about the printer being hidden in the list in France, I went back and found that the same thing had happened on my usual printer. Instead of being at the top of the usual queue, my printer was listed in the hidden part, the part I didn’t know was there. I hadn’t noticed because my previous printers were the same make and had very similar model numbers. I have no idea why an old model number was at the top of the list and why my current one was hidden, but that’s what the issue was. The reason I could print from my back-up printer before I knew this was because the printer in use happened to be at the top of the queue when I tried to print from it.

I don’t know if this will help, but on the off chance…


I have a fairly new HP 2700 wireless printer. Just spent last hour trying to print 1 page, my windows and apple laptops were showing printer offline. Tried connecting usb to my windows computer, still no joy. Connected apple laptop and printed instantly. I wish I had just bought a trusty old non wi-fi printer with cheap inks from Action and could print using USB without having to rely on our poor wifi connection out in the sticks. Have also recently bought a nice big 50 inch TV, from Darty, the last of the old non smart ones for the same reason. Set up to a freest recorder box, all uk tv with no problems and no tv licence to pay and the AI cannot track what your watching.

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