Private equity help

hello all - we live in the countryside and so we’re quite ‘rural’ (i think most of us on here live outside of Paris ? but i’ll prepare myself to be corrected)
I need help with private equity / crowdfunding here in France. If I were in the big city I think I would just go and knock on a few doors to start networking - I know emails rarely work for general questions like mine.
But we’re in northern Provence and I’m struggling.
Does anyone have experience of Private Equity, Angel Investors, Crowdfunding in France?
thanks x teresa

Coincidentally a friend of ours has just raised 3,500€ to put on a spectacle. She used a french platform that I’d never heard of as more used to UK sites like kickstarter etc. It worked for her! However she is French and lives in Paris…

thanks Jane. Yes, I think Ulule is one of the big ones in France, along with KissKissBankBank (which i can hardly type it sounds so naff!) i’ll let you know how i get on… x teresa