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Hello all! I arrived to France one month and a half ago, I have been hired by a public establishment. For different reasons, I still couldn’t start the procedure for having social security. I have a travell insurance that ends soon and I would like to ask you suggestions about private French insurances that will cover any health emergency. Thank you very much!

If you are employed, then you can join the french health system straight away as you are working and paying contributions.

Yes, I know that. But I had many bureaucratic problems and probably next week I will be able to go for the first time to CPAM to start the procedure. In the meanwhile I am not covered and that is why I would like to have a private insurance in case that something bad happens to me

Speak to @fabien - he arranged medical insurance for our 1st year.

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Hi Ivana and welcome to the forum.

@fabien will give you very good advice re Insurance

If you are employed by a “public establishment” you should not have much trouble getting into the system (I would have thought)… but others will know more about that than I do…

what type of Visa do you currently have…??? :thinking: and are you actually “employed”… or “self-employed” ???

If you need treatment you can pay now, keep the paperwork and claim your reimbursement when you have your sécu number. Your entitlement will be backdated to the start date on your employment contract.

Hi Ivana, if you start the process to be affiliated on the 90th day after you’ve started living in France you may have to wait a bit to receive the confirmation of the cover from the SS (a bit like 3 to 6 months and potentially more given the current news). But you’ll be covered back to the date you made the initial request. Cheers,

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Hi Fabien,
Am I still covered with my British EHIC for those 90 days? We are not planning on working, we have modest private means and Paul is 23 months away from retirement. We are moving over on the 18th of May. During a pandemic…

Hi Gudrun, cover is not automatic so you should the NHS services to make sure they are aware of your move so that you’ll have the EHIC card but if you do you’ll have cover for 90 days indeed.

From NHS website

If you’re moving abroad on a permanent basis, you’ll no longer automatically be entitled to medical treatment under normal NHS rules. This is because the NHS is a residence-based healthcare system.

You’ll have to notify your GP practice so you and your family can be removed from the NHS register.

You seem to be burning the candle at both ends. On another post you have claimed to be moving as a French resident, you are now asking if you will be able to use your EHIC as a British resident. You can’t have it both wats; as you yourself have pointed out it’s during a pandemic!