Private MRI Scan

Hi all

Can anyone please tell me the cost of a private MRI Scan? I do not currently have a Carte Vitale (applied for six months ago!)

Thanks - Austyn

If you have the attestation, but not the CV, you will have to come up with the full amount and you will then be reimbursed after filling out and sending the brown form to la Sécurité Sociale.

Austyn,what Joan is saying is correct. Your attestation shows your rights and at the end of your treatment you should be given the brown feuille de soin which you fill in and send back to the CPAM, that is if you are covered by an S1, or whoever if you are covered by a different regime.

If you pay privately, it may be that you will not be reimbursed.

I paid around 70 a few years ago for a knee MRI, I know that it's probably one of the cheapest and that it's not uncommon to pay around 300.

I'm afraid that it is now six months since I applied for my CV and still nothing so private is the only route to date

Do you not even have the paper attestation from either CPAM, MSA or RSI stating your rights are opened (ouverture des droits)? - the paper attestation is normally sent out within a month of deposing your dossier with them.

The piece of paper is actually more important than the actually carte and should be presented whenever you see a healthcare professional until your carte arrives (and even when you have your carte, you must keep your attestation safe) - you should be given a brown feuille de soins to send to your healthcare provider to be remboursed

Thanks Joan - was that recently and paid privately without at Carte Vitale?

Thanks Carl but UK no good for me - I need the /french price

£200 in the UK

I think I paid about 179 euros

I have looked through my records but cannot find the price I paid. Sorry . But the fact is that it is not that simple; it will depend on the scan itself. For example an MRI of the knee will probably be cheaper than a whole body MRI. Furthermore, the "dispensation" paid to the radiologist who interprets the scan can differ.

I think that the only way you can truly know is to take your prescription for the GP to the imaging centre and ask them.