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Hi guys
Anyone guide me as to which section of the tax forms I need to fill in now that I have cashed in a small pension in England and opted to be taxed in France for this so got the whole lot paid to my French account

Hi Mark,
Like you I cashed in a small pension and had UK tax repaid so the whole sum is now declared in France. I took some advice on how best to declare it as there are different ways to do this.

Further information here –

Hope this helps.

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Thanks Sarah
I’ll have a look
Rgds Mark

Hi I tried this link but unfortunately it did not work. I had an accountant here who advised me to fill in my forms as if the Occupational Pension scheme I hav which pay monthly is part of my state pension as the state had paid 26% of it and there is no space for the pension on the form - is this correct? I earn no interest on the occupational pension scheme. I am concerned that this is not correct.

Hi Patsie,

Sorry that I cannot help you.

In my posting, I was referring an additional voluntary contribution pension (total sum) - not a monthly pension amount - which I have taken a few years before my occupational pension is due.

Thanks Sarah im off to the tax office tomorrow see what they say
Rgds Mark

Good idea Mark…

Please let us know how you get on… :slight_smile:

Will do Stella
Rgds Mark

I went to the tax office last week with tax forms pencilled in for checking and on this occasion showing the one-off pension sum that I am declaring.
All went well. It was checked using the 300+ page “Brochure Practique” and I got the OK.
If you are looking at declaring the whole sum taxed at 7.5%, I can share what I did - just let me know.
Good luck!

Hi Sarah
Yes thats what I want to do ! Dont want to spread the payments as I cant
trust myself haha that would be great

Hi Mark,

On the pink 2047K form, page 1, 1.11 Pensions -
Pensions de Retraite versées en capital - state the gross figure and transfer this to box 1 AT or BT on the blue 2042K form.

If you have an S1 you are exempt from paying social charges. :slight_smile:

I do not have an S1 so have to pay them. On page 4 of the 2047, section 9, the last line - pensions en capital … the amount is subject to either 6.6% or 3.8%.
My understanding is that in the previous year - 2015 - if your income tax bill was below 61euros, then 3.8% will apply.

This then has to be reported to box 8SA or 8SB - these boxes are on the last page of the 2042 C (complementaire) form which can be downloaded from the website.

Thanks for that Sarah
All they have sent me form wise is the 2042k which is blue ? But yours is
pink ? Or is it the 2042c that is pink ?

The ‘pink’ form 2047K is for declaring revenue from abroad so I am guessing this is the first time you have needed to fill this in.
The 2042 (K and C) forms are blue.

Just a reminder - you should be filing your tax returns online if your RFR in 2015 was more than 28,000€ and you have internet access.

Next year that amount drops to 15,000€ (RFR 2016) and in 2019 (RFR 2017) it applies to everyone with internet access no matter what their revenue.

Yeah this is the first time , ok so i think I’ve got my head around it
I’ll get the pink form this week and get it out the way
Cheers for your help Sarah

Just download it here Mark:

Form 2047 - Overseas Income

Thanks for that Simon

Hi, wonder if you could help me, just filed tax return at local office in Pas de Calais. They always send the blue form in the post which means we have to visit in person, no problems as they are very helpful but this year they told us we have to pay taxes on our income which are our pensions. My wife has in the last tax year received her own private penison will this have been the reason. I thought that they could not tax pensions from the UK.

The only UK Pensions that are not taxed in France are Government pensions. OAPs and workplace pensions should be paid gross and all taxes paid in France.

Thank you very much for your reply, we just don’t understand how they
calculated it. We have two LG Teachers Pensions and my husband’s State
pension which he started to receive last year which we understood was not
used in the calculation. We can only assume that as stated before that one
of the Pensions has triggered that we are over the French tax allowance. If
that is the case we have no problem with that as this is our home and we
are happy to contribute to the system.