PRO BTP experiences?

hello all - so we've signed up with the auto-entrepeneur system and now we are being BOMBARDED with post - even the lovely post lady thinks it's funny as she flings the stacks of mail into our box... being a new but trying french speaker it's hard to sort the important from the crap (and some of you may know i was stung online by some very enterprising people from Belize - hangs head in shame!)

anyway... husband = auto-ent, stonemason... working ad-hoc for loads of people. invoice = cheque = pay your tax on that.

Pro Btp are now writing almost daily insisting we sign up. We don't have to do we? It's not 'mandatory' is it?

merci b, Teresa x

Hi Teresa,

Am very well just been manically busy this summer. From what I've seen/heard from you on the forum it seems you have been the same. Did you get many bookings this summer in the end? I am so impressed how you have really got stuck in.

Should have mentioned BTP is for building type people, it's my husband who adheres to them, not me although I do all his paperwork.

Andrew is right about the RSI - never ignore them. They are often wrong but you have to put everything in writing, ask for time to pay and then argue. Don't just not pay as they keep adding 10% onto the bill then when they admit you are right, they still charge you the late payment fee for not paying. They are a bit like the tax office in the UK - if they have decided you owe them money, they will get something out of you one way or another!

Don't worry if you can't find the BTP bill, we threw quite a few away before we realised it wasn't a scam, they will keep sending you stuff till you reply!

'speak soon'


Thanks Valerie - glad it's not just me who's susceptible to the scammers here!

btw Remember i mentioned the Auto-Ent website we stupidly signed up to? Happily my lovely bank (credit ag britline) took pity on me, and will refund all the money - as they and the gendarmes (!) agreed the site is a fraud. though the gendarmes were being particularly kind as we (the irish) had just lost the rugby...

BTP - Bâtiment Travaux Public = the big firms that do all the public works and big "chantiers"

Yes don't ever ignore URSSAF or the RSI even though they're often wrong!

And Tracy has confirmed my thoughts - it's the building trade's scheme that you have to adhere to but only have to pay anything if you employ someone.

I'm third year AE too and still get the apel des cotisations but a quick phone call to re-explain to them the fundamentals of the AE scheme and they tell me to just ignore the letter - never had any comeback. Oh just to top it off I've moved not only département 3 times but région 3 times too each time changing everything with insee, URSSAF, rsi etc and last quarter I got two demands instead of one. plus the end of your siret number changes each time you move. And role on the CFE (old taxe professionnelle) which we'll all be paying before long... another one of their lies about all you'll pay is x% on turnover - going to hurt for all those who live in a big place as it's based on the theoreticel rental value specified on the taxe foncière... how many times can you be taxed on the same house !

oh crap, thanks tracy (and heloo!!!) see my reply above - i’ll retrieve the paperwork from the bin, and work my way through to the bit where he has to sign… are you well?

thanks andrew... and sorry it's always you who answers my stupid questions! i have no idea what BTP is... which obviously doesn't help. i'm also not sure what you mean about future employee's ? he'll only ever work on his own & as a 'freelance' for other pepole - i know he can only do it for 3 year, but god knows we'd NEVER consider starting a building company in france!!!

x teresa

(i presume you meant we HAVE to deal with the RSI and URSSAF - everyone else goes hell-bound)

um, do you like music / films? we cetainly owe you something by now!

Hi Teresa,

It is mandatory to adhere but you don't have to pay anything unless you have employees. They then write back to you every year to ask if you have any employees, you just sign it and send it of.

Good luck - I am in my 3rd year of AE and I received another apel des cotisations this weekfrom RSI , have now got to send all the photocopies of my papers to the exact same place as last year. Apparently there is some sort of glitch if you are AE and receive ACCRE, so they know it's a problem, they know it happened last year but - I still have to go through it all again! They can't use last years paperwork, too easy.

URSSAF, RSI... and tell the rest to go to hell !

Besides working as an independant stonemaison is rather a long way from BTP !

Just tried their site but it wouldn't come up - you will have to sign up to an organisation for future employees schemes - even if you don't intend having any! - and this could be the relevant one for you (mine's Réunica) but without seeing the letter I can't help any further.