Problem obtaining a COC

I bought my Mitsubishi Shogun Pinin in the Uk, then I took it to Spain where I registered it and put it on Spanish plates and obtained a Spanish CoC. However, now I live in France and want to register it here. I contacted Mitsubishi in France to request a French CoC at the cost of over Eu270, but they would not issue this without the UK one. Unfortunately the Spanish authorities did not return this to me.

I went to DREAR/DREAL and the lady there said Mitsubishi should issue a CoC on my Spanish one but they returned my papers again.

I tried contacting DVLA but as the car has been exported they no longer supply this. Mitsubishi France told me to contact Colt in the UK who cannot guarantee they can help even though they will accept my cheque for over £100.

I have the VIN number and all other relevant information.

Does anyone know how I can get round this or of a company that may help please? Unlike a lot of Brits I want to be legal. I have an insurance policy for this year on my Spanish plates and a CTV. I dont want to sell the car and buy another as this would incur a lot of expense and I know my car has been serviced yearly and has good tyres etc.

Any advice you can offer would be appreciated, I do not speak French well enough although I understand more than I speak but once I try then the person I am speaking to talks really fast and I get lost.

Thank you for your reply, I will try to find a company to help as I cant seem to get anywhere myself.

They should really accept the Spanish one as the COC is an official European document, however if they just refuse it's difficult to argue it out. There are companies that provide french coc's online I hasten to add I have never used one but perhaps other users have and can vouch, I saw one recently that certainly seems geniune - certifauto -(but you can find several on google) personally I would check at the prefecture that they will accept a coc from these guys first, an example is available on their site.