Problem replacing groupe de security

My group de security on the ballon started leaking recently and as it was getting worse I dicded to replace it.
The problem I have is that when I tighten the new one up to the tank the inlet is in the wrong place for the pipe. If I loosen it it water weeps out on the thread.

Have tried putting a couple of washers at the bottom of the threaded fitting and using boss white jointing compound on the threads but neither seems to cure the problem. Only thing I can think of trying is hemp on the threads but I can’t find it at the moment.

Anyone any suggestions?


If pipes are in the wrong position, then unless you reposition them or use a flexible hose (simple DIY plumbing job), then you won’t really solve the problem. You could try lots of PTFE tape, but likely you will problems connecting easily.

Yes I could change the inlet to flexible pipe, however, the other problem is where it is. When I tighten it up, the inlet is pointing straight towards the central bulge where the electrics are located. Not sure there is room to even fit a flex pipe in.