Problem with email notifications

I have stopped receiving email notifications from SFN. No idea why. Have reset my options but it's still not working. Is anyone else having the same problem or does anyone know how to fix it?

Many thanks.

Hi Mandy, sorry for the delay. My brain is everywhere at the mo. If you look along the tabs at the top of the page, please could you go on Support and "open a ticket" (you should see a box for that). That will then be picked up by someone much more tecchy minded than I am and you'll be guided through.


Someone else has posted that they are also not receiving email notifications of new activity on the site. It seems it's not just me then! Lets hope you can get this sorted out.

Thanks again.

I think the reduced number of responses is simply because a lot of the members are now holidaying / relaxing in the sunshine - not like me, inside attached to the computer working! Not fair, I want to retire or at least run around the garden like a loon with my son. Anyway, back to the point, I'll go ask again because I think my query may have got buried somewhere.

Hi Valerie

Just wondering if you have had a chance to look into this a bit further.

I have noticed that there are very few responses to most of the new discussion topics at the moment which makes me wonder if other people are also not receiving notifications. Or it could just be because it's holiday time.

Anyway, looking forward to hearing what you have discovered.

Many thanks.

When I looked earlier, I actually didn't see an option in settings to receive notifications of all new ones, only ones that had been commented upon, but that actually seems to ring a bell with me so I'm wondering if something has changed and I've simply not noticed (not enough coffee, methinks). I will make further inquiries ...

Until a few weeks ago I received an email every time someone posted a new discussion. I set this up last October when another member told me how to do it. Have found the discussion where we talked about this (Lost on SFN started by Paul Clark on 9 October on page 2) but Debra is no longer a member so her post has disappeared. So either it's no longer possible to receive these emails because someone has changed the way this site operates or my settings have malfunctioned.

I don't receive those either, Mandy. I only receive notifications for posts I've commented on or opted to "Follow", or the "Worth a read" emails that are sent highlighting four or five current discussions. The only way I know if someone's posted a new discussion is if I see it listed on the front page or do a search on a particular theme.

Hi Valerie

Thanks for this. Notifications on my own posts are obviously working. However, I also used to receive an email when anyone posted a new discussion and I'm still not receiving those.

Any suggestions?

Thanks again.

I'm doing this as a sort of test, Mandy. You said your settings all seem in order so you should (technically) receive notifications now for any post you've commented on, or any where you've clicked on "follow" under the box. We'll see if you get a notification about this. If you don't, I hope you come back and check whether anyone's answered so we know there's a glitch! Keep us posted.