Problem with female farm cats

Does anyone know if you can get Megepil Chat from a pharmacy or does it need a prescription from a vet.

We have quite a few farm cats and a few we cannot get near as they are quite feral, catching them and getting them to a vets for speying is not really an option and my friend told us about putting them on the cat pill Megapil once every two months.
One of the tamer ones looks very pregnant and after the litter we will get her spayed but the rest need sorting out before we end up being over run.

We have a neighbour who is a bit “special” and who feeds wild cats. So the village is infested with them. She doesn’t have the money to get them spayed, and the SPA budget for this gets used up too quickly.

So we looked into whether we could find another solution. What we found was that oral contraception wasn’t much use for wild cats as have to be pretty precise about doses and timings - impossible to do if not overseeing exactly what they eat. It needs a vet’s visit and prescription, and follow up as can spark side effects. All too complex…

Three females are going into get speyed, we brought our 16 year old cat with us when we came over the last time, he has his own bedroom in the stables and two of the females have taken up residence with him and we are happy as he now has company and they dote on him.
The bedroom has it’s own cat door and it is linked to his microchip, the two females now have chip collars and they will get chipped when they get spayed, they are wormed and de fleaed.
Another female has taken up residence with us much to the annoyance of our dog :yum: and she is booked in to get spayed, that leaves two females one which looks pregnant and a Tom cat all of which we cannot get anywhere near hence the looking for a contraception alternative until we can catch them and get them spayed, dosing them would not be a problem because anything you put down to them goes in seconds.
I will have a word with our vet on Monday and see what he says.

Hi Colin, sounds like you need a humane cage trap to catch the little blighters. They are inexpensive and work a treat. Once caught the vet will be able to neuter them unless the female is pregnant of course! I hope you get this resolved. It’s good to see people in France caring about feral cats, such a big problem there.
Izzy x


my vet spayed my 3 cats although 2 of them were already pregnant, we had not been fast enough and the local tom had got at them.

Female cats should be castrated to finally stop the surplus production of cats. In general if you do not want to breed your cat or dog, fix them, their life is better and longer!
The owner has less headaches and expenses!

That will take some balls (and imagination) :joy: :joy:


I knew what she was spaying :crying_cat_face: :cat: :cat2: :smile_cat:


If you had read my post properly they will be speyed, but as they are feral and until I can catch them (think that is a nice trap, perfect for sunning themselves while looking smugly at you) I need an interim solution to stopping them getting pregnant.

Colin is obviously trying to do the right thing so I’m not sure what the lecture is for!


Hi Colin, there are humane traps and soft food is normally irresistable for the ladies. To prevent them from getting pregnant before spaying, I can only wish you luck! This sounds harsh, but nature is often a formidable enemy to drive you crazy. The only thing you can do, is to catch and spay and hopefully they will be good hunter afterwards for you!
My experience with cats are limited, because of my Shepherds. I once had a feral cat, which was given to me by a vet and she lived for 12 years with me, before she was put to sleep due to old age! Before that, I had an agreement with the Humane Society, that they could release castrated cats on my farm, if they would not gentle down. Positive side effect no mice or rats in the barn!

I must reply to this post. . . first of all I would advise Jane to get in touch with a local Association that will probably come with a trap to catch the cats, have them sterilised… . all this is done by"special ’ people who look after the well being of feral cats. Also the Maire of the town or village will probably give you any usefull info. Secondly, there is no need to get the vet for the pills, just go to your pharmacie, they sell and will advise how the best to use them

For your information, from a “special” person. . .

Nope, we’ve tried all that. Local associations don’t have budget for spaying. Our Maire has tried too. .And no way they would be suitable for pills as couldn’t control which cat ate what, let alone who pays as she only has 50€ a week to live on since she was scammed and lost all her money.

Thanks for the thoughts tho’.