Problems exchanging Uk driving licence

(Mark Robbins) #41

I’ve been to Limoges today with a friend ( British on holiday) who needed a hire car paid for by his assistance. They arranged the car from Avis, code not necessary as they had never heard of it.

(Timothy Cole) #42

I did say may be needed.

(Marie Llewellyn) #43

Yes, David, the car was registered in my name from new (long story, but I’ve always been the registered keeper in UK even after I stopped driving). I read in January edition of The Connexion that the rules have changed and that the CG must now be in the name of an adult licence holder, even if it is owned by someone without one (some drivers have in the past registered them under a child’s name to avoid penalty points).

(Marie Llewellyn) #44

Tony, can I just ask how you renewed the UK licence? Do you have a property in the UK? I’m getting really worried by DH’s UK licence expires at the beginning of August when he is 70. Our first application to exchange to French licence went in in October last year. We heard nothing so assumed it was lost and sent another application 11 January (sent suivi). Still heard nothing. How do we know that “they” won’t just say they didn’t receive it? There doesn’t seem to be any way of checking - no way of speaking to anyone and correspondence is clearly being ignored. I’m also concerned that, if the application isn;t dealt with until after the licence has expired, there won;t be a valid UK licence to exchange, and I don’t know of any way to renew the UK licence .

We want to book a holiday in September, travelling around central Europe, but we daren’t because the licence will have expired. Maybe the gendarmes are aware of the backlog, but what about other countries? Wouldn’t like to chance my arm. What ever, if the licence doesn’t arrive before August we’ll be absolutely kippered because we rely on the car, as we’re pretty remote.

(Tony Dix) #45

I sent ours registred delivery, So we know that have it.

(Marie Llewellyn) #46

Wish we had sent ours registered, rather than tracked. Now I’m worried that a third application sent recorded might confuse matters!! It’s very worrying, but I suppose if the worst came to the worst, we’d have to buy a sans permis until it was sorted out and just forget holidays.

(Jane Jones) #47

I heard somewhere that they are taking 6 months to process them at the moment…if I can track down the article I’ll copy it. So don’t panic yet.

(stella wood) #48

I’m wondering if the Prefecture have anyone on-site to deal with personal enquiries… especially if the person has proof of delivery etc…

This must be causing a panic amongst more than just our forum members… seems logical to have someone who can check on progress for us…

(Marie Llewellyn) #49

So maybe there’s nope for the first application submitted in October - although at that time we were told the backlog was 3 months. I saw in The Connexion that the backlog was now 6 months; that was in December/January.

(Marie Llewellyn) #50

We tried the Prefecture, who were normally so very helpful. Unfortunately they just kept saying everything was now online (wrong) and couldn’t wait to get us out of the door. I wonder if our maire may know how to help, but somehow I suspect not. If anyone does find a contact, I’d be very very grateful.

(Susan Edwards) #51

Hi Tony,

My husband sent applications (by post) for him and for me - to swap out UK licences for French equivalants. Think it was also after Xmas. Didn’t ask for recorded delivery. No contact since.

My husand has (like you) tried to contact them and (like you) got nowhere. So he went to speak to our local police. They said the new system (which has recently been introduced to reduce number of fonctionaires? - as before that we would need to go in person to the Prefecture in Toulouse, being in Haute-Garonne here, and waste a whole day queueing in there) was suffering from some delays. (Teething troubles?)

Police advised that we should just stay patient … and wait.

Good job we only sent completed forms, photos and photocopies of our existing UK licences - and not our originals! And good that our UK licences have many years left to run so still in date.

So looks like it’s a big mess all over then?

Plse let me know if you hear anything? (And I can let you know if we do.)

Which departement are you in?

(Susan Edwards) #52

We were also told it had gone online and like you found out that’s just for new licences - not for UK-French exchanges. We found out we needed to send everything by post. Since then no acknowledgement and not possible to contact anyone! So our applications seem to be in a black hole for now.

(Tony Dix) #53

Guess we just have to hope, my wifes uk licence expired in Jan ( have now renewed it though ) . Not sure what would happen if we applied to our local prefecture ? Could we end up with several ?
we are in dept 22.

(Susan Edwards) #54

Think you will be required to surrender your UK licences (new or old!) to get your French ones. So at best you will have spent some money on the renewal. But I think you have done the right thing in making sure you have licences which have not already expired. Just annoying as my husband swapped his Dutch licence for a British one (he’s Swiss - was just passing thru Holland for a few years but required to get a Dutch licence all the same, and they confiscated his Swiss one) and it was so easy!!! Just posted off old licence with some money paid and no questions asked! British licence arrived at our UK address promptly!

(Tony Dix) #55

Recieved a response from them yesterday ( email ) after almost 4 months, saying that our application was incomplete, UK driving licenced had heavy vehicles on it, requiring a medical. We don’t need them so just informed tham not to add them. perhaps another 4 months and we will get the licence ?

(anon54681821) #56

i thought paper counter part was scrapped anyhow its f no use anymore

(Dominic Best) #57

The paper counterpart of the UK (EU) photocard licence is no longer valid but some people still use their paper UK licences that remain valid until their 70th birthday. I believe Stella is referring to one of those.

(Tony Dix) #58

Hi, My wife has just recieved an ‘attestation’ vaild until aug, gues they hope to do the exchange by then

(Tony Dix) #59

My wife has had a temporary driving licence issued valid for one year, so perhaps on the anniversary of our application we may get a full licence ?
Its comforting to know at last that they have her documents, Its a pity there is no way to get an acknowledgment earlier

(stella wood) #60

Heavens… what does the temporary one look like… just a typed sheet of paper ???