Problems with french ebay

ok, let's get the laughing over with - I bought a computer on french ebay.

Anyway, it has not arrived and the communications with the seller are far from positive !

My Ebay account is a but I bought the computer from the .fr site.

when I contected Ebay about the problem, I got this reply :

As a buyer, you can open an item not received case with eBay Money Back Guarantee when all of the below are true:

1. You are not suspended at the time of the purchase.
2. You completed the sale on, or
3. You opened the case within 30 days of the item's delivery date / estimated delivery date.
4. You paid with PayPal.
5. The item is not excluded from eBay Money Back Guarantee based on its category (like Motors or Real Estate).
6. You did not alter/repair the item (if you are claiming the item was faulty or broken).
7. You have not initiated another resolution process (like with your bank or credit card company).

Number 2 is the clincher here.

Anyone any experience on how best to proceed ?



hi Sandy thanks for your input. I don't want to disagree but I think the french ebay resolution is just to bounce it to paypal. I think that unlike the other ebays i mention, they do not do any resolution themselves.

Anyway, I have started the paypal process now and - guess what - the computer turned up yesterday - yes, after I had initiated the process!

now another quandry - the computer seems excellent - everything the seller said it was. Except for one thing - it has an english keyboard!. This is not what I wanted or expected. I am used to a french keyboard.

Did I ask the seller what kind of keyboard it has - no I did not - but this is the reason I bought a french computer in france from a french seller!

Now do I modify my complaint to paypal - or just go and have another glass of wine !

Seems that you can follow it through with


Gestionnaire de litiges d'eBay

Le Gestionnaire de litiges d'eBay établit un dialogue entre vous et le vendeur, et suit le litige pour vous.

  • Vous pouvez uniquement ouvrir le litige sur le site eBay sur lequel vous avez acheté l'objet.

  • Si vous avez acheté l'objet en tant que visiteur, vous devrez vous inscrire pour pouvoir ouvrir un litige."

    This is the important bit:

    • Vous pouvez ouvrir un litige dans le Gestionnaire de litiges dans un délai de 10 à 45 jours après la vente pour les paiements qui n'ont pas été effectués avec PayPal

      Sorry it's all in French, if you need a hand translating just say, but the links work. Eventually the links take you to the resolution centre, here:

      Good luck!

There's bugger all much to buy on Ebay Fr anyway!

p.s. the sum involved is only 200€.

Was I stupid. Maybe.

that is not the point of this discussion though


thanks for the input. I have also used ebay many times without problem and yes, I am now initiating a claim through paypal.

The point I need to bring out to people her though is : does not offer the same protection as or .com or .de

so if you can buy from ebay on a site other than .fr then do so;

w<hen the dust settles, if this is proved to be correct, I will do all I can to dissuade anyone from using

What did the Seller say? Did you pay by PayPal? You can initiate a claim with PayPal. I have always had a damn sight more success with PayPal claims. When you paid, did the Seller's address come up in your PayPal confirmation e-mail? Also give me an idea of the sum of money involved here? because like all disputes, the question is, is it worth it? It is true that if you have paid, this could be viewed as a form of theft (re: Gendarmes etc), but my experience of 'the Police' in situations like this is that they can't won't help. If you want my e-mail address, just say so. I have about 600+ UK ebay transaction behind me. I have also recently had a bad time of it with ebay, where ebay would not help me.

I'd be talking to the Gendarmes/Police if you're not getting anywhere with the seller. Also try contacting Can't say more than that as I've never used ebay, I buy and sell pretty much everything through