Procedure for setting up classes at home?

I’m a quaIified teacher and want to start up a class for small children on Wednesdays in my home. What steps must I take to be declared legally? It definitely will be only one 2hr class for my first year. I also work part-time childminding 1.5 days per week (not in my home, but in theirs) and this is declared through pajemploi.
I’ve previously done the auto-entrepreneur route and it was a big headache to deal with all the paperwork. I really would prefer the easiest way possible if it does exist!

Micro entreprise is the easiest way.
However if you closed a micro/auto entrepreneur in the same area of activity recently, you may not be able to start another one immediately.
You might be able to find a way of doing it under CESU, not sure on that.

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You may need to be insured specifically, have a childcare qualification of some sort and have premises inspected, also tnere may be a cap on numbers - I expect if you went along to the mairie they could tell you.
Another way you could do it, maybe, now I come to think of it, is to be an association (loi 1901) à but culturel.
It might be possible to do it at school in your village/ town as an activité périscolaire…
Are your teaching qualifications recognised in France?

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Yes my qualifications are recognized. I think my best bet is to go to the mairie to ask them for help. From my research, if I become an association I would not be able to earn money from this association. Unless it would be someone else creating the association, then I could be employed by the association and earn money. Unfortunately in my area has lots of activite periscolaire, which is also badly paid. I’d enjoy doing it on a more personal, one-to-one basis, limiting classes to 6 kids max.

Am I correct in thinking though, that you can’t actually earn money from your own “association”? If so Evelyn wouldn’t be able to pay herself a wage, she could cover expenses but nothing for her time. And I believe associations also have to keep detailed accounts which I suspect would be a lot more paperwork than micro entreprise.
Could one perhaps find an existing association whose aims could conceivably include language learning, and offer to give lessons for them?

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