Proceedure re Absence from School (College)

Hi, i am looking for some advise,

Our 13 year old son has only been at school a month and just now he was sick for 2 stays.

I informed the school each day and hopefully he will be back tomorrow, I have his Carnet De Liaison Avec La Famille book, which has a special pink talon section for Absence in 2 parts that clearly needs to be filled.

My question is, can I cover the 2 days with one talon or (I hope not) is one required for every class missed?

Any advise would be welcome.

Best Regards


Hi, Daisy (James's daughter) here

No, you only need one "billet d'absence" even if the absence is more than one day. You just have too put the two dates in the blank, so it reads "du 31/01/12 au 01/01/12".

I think you're ok with one, I'll check.