Professional advice on work and immigration

Can anyone recommend someone who can advise me on the DETAILED ins and outs of staying in France as a NON-EU citizen. I want to become naturalised but to do that I must be employed long enough but contracts are virtually impossible to find. There must be ways around things somehow.

I just need qualified advice on how best to achieve my aim to become naturalised (so far I've been here a little over 3 years and need a minimum of 5, then more years while they make up their minds about me). Currently on a short term contract which doesn't pay the rent but can't take on additional work as in my case that would be illegal I'm told.

So, who can I talk to that really knows their stuff and speaks English?

Veronique, I want French nationality so I can stay here - it's the only way. That way if I can't get work from time to time in France I can go soewhere else in EU and then come back to France. I may be a commonweath member but i can't even get into the UK.

France was and is my dream and I live every day afraid I'll be forced out.

Frances, this isn't an answer to your question because I haven't got one (for which I'm sorry) but another question: why do you want French nationality?