Project Planning Software


Has anyone come across any good free project planning software? I’m thinking ‘drawing’ for room layouts, socket positions, wiring plans that sort of thing & spreadsheets for managing costs?


I found a free Google software called “google sketch-up” I used it to draw my plans for my cabin electrics and its a bit amateurish but its good enough for my needs. I cant figure out how to show you my picture though,hang on a minute this might work

to copy and paste into other drawing software.

You get several viewpoints of the layout to scroll between, and the tools were quite simple to manage…I’ve tried other free software and they’re all pretty difficult to use.

what we need is a volunteer to let us try their Auto Cad for an hour or so…hint hint…(well, cheek never harmed Richard branson did it?)

I’ve found one on an American site… looks like an ok starting point.

I’ll try google sketchup for the drawing program, Thanks Stuart.

Anyone got any templates they’ve used before?

Hi suzanne.

For spreadsheets download Open Office, it’s completely free and has the equivalent of Excel for the majority of users.
For plans, there are some free drawing programs but perhaps not enough for your needs. I use Autocad, but as Ross says it is very expensive. Try google sketch up; it’s free but I’m not sure how much detail you can show. Otherwise if you need scale drawings with the latest libraries for electrical and building requirements, you’ll have to dig into you pocket.


Hi there, i work in architecture and interiors and auto-cad can do this for you nut it is very expensive unless you have a access to it from someone else.
I have it in my office here in Edinburgh but not in France.
There are mac based programmes which do it too but again expensive unless you know how to obtain without the licence.
How much work are you looking to do.
I know someone in my village who is an architect and speaks good english
Let me know if this helps.