I’ve been living in Normandy for 5 years, and I can still remember the women who was cleaning the office telling me : “j’ai pas toillé dans la care”. It took me days to understand she was telling me “j’ai pas lavé dans le coin” (I haven’t mopped in the corner).

Are you forgetting your English Elisabeth Morgan? It’s ‘there are only two…’ LOL

Well, in fact I just do what I can in English ! I’m just sliglty better in French :wink:


Babeth, your English is fantastic. Very very impressive, in fact. I would love to be able to write French as well as you write English.


Alors Babeth…je restes bouche bée devant ta capacité de la langue Anglais… Bravo !
Je peux pas résister a mis ça …
Certains font chabrot alors que ;
le paysan fait chafouin
l’araignée du matin fait chagrin
le Suisse fait chaland
le montagnard fait chalet
le l’horloger fait chaloupe
le marin pêcheur fait chalut (comme l’auvergnat)
la curé fait chapelle
l’oignon fait chapelure
le Breton fait chaperon (ils ont des chaperons vive…)
le clown fait chapitre
dans la Bresse ont fait chapon
quand on mélange le vin avec la soupe on fait chatouilleur
le marin fait chavirer



Nice one Ann, never heard it before !

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Wott does LOL mean Kirsten?, is that ‘Real English’ or, text speak :thinking:

Laugh Out Loud

(also see: ROTFLMAO = rolling on the floor laughing my ass off)

Oh, my mistake, I thought you were a native English speaker ! :smiley: Well done then. Or as we say in the U.S. ‘You go, girl !’

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One day, I was in a restaurant with Bill, and the waitress told me that my French was very good !



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Won’t bother Paul, I don’t find this ‘stuff’ amusing, bit pathetic really :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you Kirsten, that was a compliment to be seen as a native English speaker :blush:

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It’s Babeths fault my French is so poor, I tend to rely on Her too much :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

And by the way, you can’t hear my strong French accent on here ! That’s a bit of an advantage !

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Charming accent :heart:

Je sais exactement ce que tu veux dire Babeth, j’essaye vraiment de parler français correctement, dans ma tête je n’ai pas d’accent, mais entre ma tête et ma langue il y a un grand espace. Mes amis français me disent de ne pas m’inquiéter car mon accent anglaies est charmante, je réponds que je viens du nord de la France donc mon accent est chti :rofl:

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Dans tous les cas, ton Français écrit est excellent ! Et franchement, je ne sais pas comment font certaines personnes pour perdre complètement leur accent ! Un mystère !


Over here in the States we use it in hand written notes, on fb, in emails, longhand letters, and even speech! :grimacing:

LOL is used by all the “younger than me” family and friends… I had always assumed it meant “lots of laughter” and in my opinion (IMO) that is the best meaning… lots of laughter… that’s what we need more and more of. I reckon.

At my great age, I have finally grasped how to send texts on my not-quite stone-age phone…and abbreviations really do help when I’m tapping… and, as a result, my “credibility” with the younger set is going through the roof… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: