Hi there,

Are any of you interested in undertaking proofreading on a part-time basis? I am looking for graduates who might be interested in correcting the English of non-English speaking students who are currently reading for degrees at English-speaking universities.

The work pays between £12 and £15 per hour. You would have to have a UK bank account for ease of payment.

If you are interested I would be grateful for a copy of your CV. You can contact me on


Dr David Mercer

Hi David

Have been teaching English for the past twenty five years in France, from one to one to university classes and Corporate clients. RSA Cambridge English language assessor in the north of France. Correction of university examinations and evaluation of competency. See that you are not needing anyone at the moment but would you be interested in putting my name on a waiting list. Let me know.


Denise Level-Adams


Hi John,

The response was far greater than expected and I have signed up a number of proofreaders. Unfortunately, this means that we do not need any more at this point in time.

Thanks for your interest.


Academic Proofreading

Love it!

With you on this Jeannie!

My dear departed father, who ran his own Press Features Agency and edited factual books, once received a flyer from a wine company in Switzerland. My father being my father - genetically unable to pick up printed material without loudly and gleefully pointing out every mistake - he returned their flyer, duly rewritten, was rewarded with a case of wine plus the offer of writing all their subsequent advertising material if he didn’t mind being paid ‘in kind’. And so began a very happy, long and fruitful relationship on both sides!

Well although this is something I would love to do (and would be more than capable of doing), unfortunately I am not a graduate - although I do have a post grad Certificate in Management, so I am ruled out.

However, as we are all interested in correct spelling and ‘getting things right’ I just thought I would make the comment that it constantly amazes me how bad the spelling and grammar is on many websites. I have pointed out mistakes on some of these (Budget Car Rental, Moonpig) and both of those companies were very grateful for having an error brought to their attention - and I was suitably rewarded. Conversely, when I have (helpfully) pointed out glaring mistakes on the websites of some of the ex-pats here in France the reaction has been one of utter hostility. This is even more mystifying when I have only suggested, for example, that in exchange I could be sent a couple of Packets of the product they are selling or some other trivial item. A lot cheaper than hiring a proof reader. Some have frankly admitted they actually don’t care that there are mistakes.

Especially surprising is that some of these offenders also purport to be website designers - but who really would choose a designer that did not get his own site right?

Is it me???

I hope you received my CV successfully.


Are you still looking for applicants, or do you have the position filled?

Kind regards


I am interested and have sent a CV

Hello there,
yes I would be interested.

I have been self employed for the past 25 years and have no idea where to put my hands on any paper work, but will try and see what I can dig out.

All the best


See your email

You’re quite right and having been through uni in the UK and France I can vouch for the fact that there are plenty of non graduates who have a better command of English than some graduates. BUT if the company sells its services to non-native under/post graduates saying that their work will be proofread by native graduates…they can only employ native graduates :open_mouth:

I don’t think anyone on this site is here to “judge” anyone else - we’re all too nice and friendly for that :wink:

Hi, it’s just daft to assume that because you’re a graduate you are more capable of correcting someone’s English than a non-graduate! Due to financial problems I was asked by my mother to get a job as she needed money coming in, So I left school after A levels and began working.
I taught English at a language school in Italy where all of the other teachers were graduates, some were very surprised to find out that I wasn’t. But my students had more pleasure and success in learning from me than being taught by rote by a graduate.I now live in France and still teach every now and then, my younger pupils have all passed their BACs. My older ones are preparing a trip to America yet despite this, and being an avid reader and a stickler for spelling, I am not as 4good’ as a graduate?! Sorry but this is just wrong. Good luck to those who are and manage to earn some extra cash … think of us non-grads as you do and try not to judge us too harshly.

Dear Dr Mercer

I am responding to your advertisement on SFN for proofreaders. I have a BA (Hons) and MA from Kent University. I am an experienced Business teacher and writer and am currently working part-time as a teacher of French and English in the Languedoc area of France. I will forward my full CV to you at the address given.

Kind regards

Naomi Birchall

Hi Hilary

I agree with your sentiments entirely. The only reason I didnt go to university was because my parents wanted me to study languages. I had A levels in English, French (I am bilingual having spent some time at school in France) and Spanish and was sick of reading so many boring books and I figured Uni would be the same. I was far more interested in the medical profession and in fact became a nurse at Guys hospital in London instead. I had to leave because my family was in a terrible car crash and needed me and in fact my mother died 3 months after. When abroad I educated my own children. Back in UK I ran a Club Francais and ended up teaching English, French and Spanish in the prison education departments of 3 different prisons. So I am not capable either of spotting errors in my own language even though I have always been a natural at spelling!

Hi David,

I can see from the number of postings you’ve received so far that you are inundated with interested applicants!

I’ve attached my CV for your delight. I’m a professional copywiter (long copy eg white papers and short copy eg marketing collateral). I’ve also had a long career in education (English Lecturer), so can offer expertise in academic writing and working with students from A level to Postgraduate level. I’m currently tutoring an Italian undergraduate student in academic writing.

I’m assuming that this work can be managed and completed online…

Well, this reply has turned into a mini-essay. Time to stop!

I look forward to hearing from you.

Sue Chamberlain

Well - I’ve just been rejected because of not being a graduate - so all of you with that query can glean the answer that if you do not have a degree you are not capable of pointing out mistakes in grammar and spelling for students of English!

Some of the teachers need to start correcting the ‘English’ in schools of our own students!

Best wishes to all the graduates that will earn some money at last!

I admit I am not a graduate but have been a part time lecturer in the prison service. I have also done a proofreading course, about 10 years ago, but never implemented it. I am now retired but need to supplement my small pension (lived abroad for a lot of my life). Would I qualify?
Sue Stanley