Property/Land/Horse Livery or field to rent Dept 81 Tarn


My daughter and family are moving to Dept 81 Tarn near Verdalle/Dourgne/Soreze.

She has five horses and needs somewhere to keep them, this could be field livery or some suitable piece of land to rent.

Another solution would be a property to rent 4 bedrooms with 4 or 5 hectares.

The proximity to this area is very important due to children in school, so no replies from far flung places please...............



Hello again

Have just translated/mailed this on to Nicole at Loubat Immobilier

There are rental and property tabs at top of page - worth checking out

There is an SFN group called 'Long Term Rentals'; even if you are not after something long term there may be useful contacts etc.

There are also animal owner groups - maybe there is one for horses that may have useful info/contacts etc

Hope it's not too windy at the St Martin - they have predicted 100kpm winds tomorrow (the famous Vent D'Autan that you will get used to once you have been in Tarn a while!)