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Hi there,
Not sure if this is allowed. Admin please delete if not.
We abandoned (for financial reasons) our home in Varennes in Allier over 10 years ago. I had been made redundant from my job in Vichy and subsequently became unwell.
We are now in the position that the bank will take a settlement to close our account in order to dispose of the file.
I have pointed out to them that we have not been to the property for some years and that it is likely only worth the price of the land and they have agreed.
It is a Bourbonnaise house (some 100 x 30 feet) and a little house which we were in the process of turning into a 2 bedroom gite when it all went wrong for us. There were plans and architects drawings passed by the Mairie to turn the properties into a 6 bedroomed 7 bathroomed B&B and a 2 bedroomed gite. It is surrounded by 6 hectares of very productive land and an enclosed yard. The views are amazing as it is on a hill but close to the town which is just a 5 minute walk.
We paid far too much for the property (E112k) and I have no idea what it is worth now, with no chance of visiting anytime soon.
However, the bank will accept something in excess of E20k now to get shot of our account. Depressingly, I am fighting an illness which they likely think could leave them with problems should I not survive.
I have lots of photos that I could send if anyone might be interested. We lived in it but we are quite hardy so whilst it’s not luxury, it’s not a complete wreck.
Any interest, please email

Why not put a few pictures on here?

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Hi Liz
Sorry to hear of your dilemma.
Putting your telephone numbers in a public forum is never a good idea. May I suggest you edit your post and include something on the lines of “message me if you are interested” instead - the site provides a good secure messaging facility.

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would love to see some photos…

I’m sorry to hear your adventure didn’t work out liz. I really hope you win the battle with your illness. Bon courage.

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Hi @Liz2 , after doing a little research, is this the location of your property?

Possibly Elizabeths property: google maps link

So sorry for the tardy reply. I’ve been hospitalised again and haven’t been on the forum for ages.
This is indeed the property.
There is further news of the property. We offered it to the farmer who is keeping the land in good heart and paying for the priviledge but he doesn’t want any more buildings and is happy to continue to pay us for the grass and hay. He cheekily offered E16k for the land and then dropped the offer to E12,800. The bank would have accepted this but it didn’t solve our problem of disposing of the property as it would have left us with the buildings and the hectare surrounding them.
Basically, the bank are well aware that bowel cancer has progressed and are keen to take an offer and close the account as quickly as possible thinking that I might exit the planet and leave them with a headache. Whilst I am in no way able to travel, I’m still hopeful. Their willingness to take the farmers offer for the whole property is heartening and they have asked me to try and find a buyer at my end. It makes no difference to us how much is paid for it as we will not see a penny of it. An equally cheeky offer but for the whole property will likely be accepted and we will of course agree to sell at any price. If you are still interested or know someone who may be, a bargain could be had.
Kind regards

I’m sorry to hear things things haven’t improved Liz. I did send the photos you sent me to a few pals in the hope that someone might bite or at least give me a lead that might bite. I’ll shake the bushes again but I’m not too hopeful.

That’s a lovely area round there - about 40 or so minutes east from where we first lived in France in the Allier before moving to the Charente. Very distinctive style of property.