Prostate Testing for Cancer 2019

I thought it about time we brought this subject back into the limelight… and who better to do it that Rod Stewart :hugs:

Come on, you guys - get yourselves tested asap…


I’m due october/November… even after having a TURP operation, and my prostate chips were clear…still a good idea to keep the testing up. The test also establishes a base level for the individual, so if you test annually, you build a track record graph. Usually flat ish, maybe just a slight uphill incline. This way, if one of your annuals shows a real upward trend, it needs to be looked at.

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What do you mean by tested Glenn, just PSA or something a bit more unpleasant :frowning: I have my PSA check a couple of times a year but I’ve two pals with issues in that region. Both quite serious unfortunately. .

Hi John, yes just the PSA. My GP ( and trouble is , i’ve seen several different in the practice), was recommending 2 per year… and were not understanding my symptoms even when explaining them, it should have raised flags with them but didn’t. When i eventually got to see a consultant, he said annually was ok. After he asked for further tests, including an MRI scan I was diagnosed with BPH. Perhaps your pals were less fortunate.
BPH ( otherwise known as enlarged prostate) - is not prostate cancer, but can have symptoms exactly the same. OR look at it the other way, prostate cancer has symptoms similar too…
and led to believe it affects about a 1/3 of the male population…that is a high number.

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