Protect your children!

This is an extract from a newletter I receive and is quite real!

'First the Teletubbies came under fire in Poland for allegedly promoting homosexuality to children. And now it's SpongeBob SquarePants who's being targeted for doing the same, this time in Ukraine.

The country's National Expert Commission for Protecting Public Morality (NECPPM) would apparently prefer if SpongeBob wore Straightpants instead, as it has heeded a report by a conservative religious group that blames the popular children's cartoon with being “a real threat to children”. The group listed the programme among other children's television shows which it accuses of being “a large-scale experiment on Ukrainian children” to “create criminals and perverts.”

Now I am really worried about what my children should watch on TV and indeed read. What do Superman and Batman hide behind their capes after 70 and 63 years respectively without exactly having girlfriend or wife, considering Lois Lane appears more of a friend than anything else, and after all aren't these platonic relationships worrying?

I have a daughter who reads Harry Potter, does she harbour ambition to be a wizard? If so, is it a good or bad one? After all, the baddies seem to have plenty of fun and the goodies are far too serious. I could of course go on and on and on...

It think the Ukrainian National Expert Commission for Protecting Public Morality should get lives and as for the totally sexless Teletubbies I am not going to lose a single second of sleep.

Ugh, Bruce it is too early for obscenities ;-D

What about Clark Kent getting his kit off in a phonebox? These days of mobile phones must be a challenge for him though!

Actually David, you might be are almost certainly right. In Poland, one of the government's advisers is a Californian right wing ex-RC priest of Polish origin who lead a campaign against a Spanish American gay activist in 1998 whose name happened to be Jorge Maria Christo. He actually took the case to court to try to have the man be forced to change his name because having the name of 'the Lord' and his mother was blaphemous. In fact, the RC church was so embarassed when the case failed he was defrocked. Now he advises governments who work together with the church. I would not be surprised if his hand isn't up the backside of one of the high ranking protestors (in the sense of puppet, of course). Ukraine are probably little different. As if we could take it serious, except that sadly we must!

More allegations. Largely led by the Christian Right I daresay.