Protecting your Personal Property

Hello All. Just wondered, has anybody been to a notaire to do a 'déclaration d'insaisissabilité' so as to protect your home and personal property if your company has debts or goes bankrupt?

We only did it because we saw ourselves going into the 'abyss'. Now we would not bother. As a translator unless work goes completely flat and bills could no longer be paid you are not at high risk. We always have the slight risk of comeback as Andrew put it.

When I said 'form', I meant in a standard form of declaration, not a thing with boxes and lines to be filled in Andrew. She has/had standard declarations for her office (if not for all notaires perhaps) that she simply printed out and we paid up once signed. I think it might have been €200 for us together but then that was over five years ago and things have gone up 'slightly' (ahem, ahem).

I am a virtual assistant and translator, so perhaps it is not

Louise, the price is right, as I said, I think I paid 300 or 350€. As for it being necessary - that very much depends on your line of business. While mostly teaching (CCI and IUT) there didn't seem to be any reason for it. I also can't really see an AE going bankrupt/being persued for depts, but that'd depend on their line of work...

I was reading about this and wondered if I should have one and also if everyone had done it but I had no information about it previously and haven"t come across it on websites. I found out about it in 'Le Guide Pratique de l'auto-entrepreneur' where they recommend 'vivement' doing this and that it should cost between €250 and €500.

I used to have one but have moved since (and changed jobs) so the old one no longer covers anything - it related to our house. Mine cost a couple of hundred euros, if I remember correctly, and I'd be interested in any standard forms that are out there, Brian...

It all depends on the type of work you're doing. It was when I was translating a tender for the refurbishment of an italian nuclear power station that I thought it might be a good idea to be covered just in case there was any comeback... :-O (which there wasn't)

We both went to do it at the height of the financial crisis when we had no income at all and things looked grim. She had a standard form of some kind, at least one that she printed out which I imagine conformed to the kind of statement everybody must have. It was just a smallish charge as I remember (in their terms) but until reading this I had forgotten it entirely.