Providing services and business travel to France after 31/12/20

Guidance note issued by UK gov’t today. Full of carefully worked through detail and helpful hints and tips :wink:, ie basically contact the French (it’s all their fault). I love the way the doc title is after “EU” exit

Remind me again how this is going to increase our opportunities and prosperity?

So this is what frictionless looks like. Who would have thought it? Sandpaper has less friction.

I was reading the customs allowances for entry into France today from Jan 1st, whilst looking for some actual useful information on provision of services as a French business to the UK - unfortunately came up empty handed on that front - but reading the customs allowances brought back memories of having to count how many bottles of spirits I was taking in/out of the country, and an uncomfortable and subsequently very expensive chat with HMRC as a young student flying into Manchester from Germany with some choice alcohols from good old Deutschland…


Indeed, many’s the good man who took solace in Jägermeister bombs after a shift stuffing Kuhne gherkins into a jar in their Grevenbroich factory. I still have to avert my eyes in Carrefour’s gherkin aisle.