PTZ dans l'ancien

Can anyone please provide me with a short explanation in English as to what “PTZ dans l’ancien” means.

We are currently looking at a property on line with an estate agent who doesn’t speak English.

My French is not bad but the explanation in French of “PTZ dans l’ancien” if googled has defeated me.

In anticipation,


It’s explained here on the French government web site (in English).

It seems to be a zero interest loan that may be available to pay for certain improvements.

Thanks so much Brian, much appreciated!

so probably a wreck :wink:

Prêt à taux zéro = zero interest loan
Available usually for certain work to be carried out on the property such as installing sanitation, insulation, heating, double glazing, generally work that makes the house more energy efficient, but subject to a whole range of conditions…

Thanks for the helpful comment, Graham!

But there are wrecks and wrecks…

Thanks Alex,

Yes, so it’s a loan and there are lots of conditions- I suspected as much…