Public bookcases/bookswaps

I’ve seen these around in various parts of France… anyone used them… ?? I’ve only just realized that I can offload some of my excess books into them…

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Yes, they are great things. Locally there are some in old telephone boxes, and our commune has agreed to start one in the Marie.

I also use this… although have only ever captured one book I’ve released quite a few into the wild…

Both these and ‘help yourself’ free vegetable plots are becoming common in Brittany. There’s a particularly good free book exchange in Moncontour - mainly French but a good number in English and a few in other languages too.

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There are a couple in Chartres and one in Moronval, near Dreux - just a small village - in their own little houses; and another village, which I can’t remember the name of, has converted a bus shelter to a tiny library and art centre.

I found an excellent guide to the French ‘highway code’ and a couple of nice travel books, and have donated a few novels.

Here is a new concept too : la boîte à sac

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This one is in La Celle Dunoise (Creuse) , I’ve added a couple of books. It just looks so cute.

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Is that anywhere near the Auberge de pêcheurs Dawn ?

Going that way, hopefully to a concert next Friday evening, if so I will take a look, and a few books too !

Hi Ann,
Yes, that’s the one. It’s on the corner by the bridge, across the road from the bar.
It’s in the ideal place, with the campsite by the river.

Thanks Dawn, will have to go early on Friday so that I can have a browse :smiley: