Public Transport in Creuse

Does anyone on this forum live near the D941, especially the Bourganeuf to Aubusson route?
Since purchasing our holiday gite 4 years ago, I have often used the Ligne9 coach which travels to/from Limoges/Aubusson.
However when I went on line recently to check this season’s timetable I couldn’t find it anywhere!
Can anyone confirm, please, if this service is still running😕
Regards, Jwn

It’s still running I googled service autocars Bourganeuf Aubusson and up came the sncf site from which I used its link to a PDF for R9 . Unfortunately I can’t copy and paste it as it is forbidden!

I was going to say try Oui bus which is SNCF

Go to this page:

In the Ligne drop down box scroll to the end and choose the " [R9 Limoges-Bourganeuf-Aubusson-Felletin" entry and click Rechercher.

A link to the PDF titmetable will then appear.

Thank you so much, David.

All printed off and ready to go!

Kind Regards, June