Publishers Worldwide To Include Free Bestseller Ebooks

Publishers worldwide include free bestsellers in their specials for Read An Ebook Week, beginning March 3.

Many top novels will be free to download and other ebooks are heavily discounted.

At least one website has begun the gifting early. At visitors can get a bestselling novel free today.

"We are promoting early," said Booktaste hostess Cathy Macleod. "Today's free title will not be free during the event. Other novels will be free then, of course. Our aim is to encourage people to read ebooks and, naturally, to get our authors known to readers who may not have come across them before."

She added that during Read An Ebook Week (March 3-9) Booktaste would also add to its free bestselling novels with discounted Kindle titles, short stories and quality books slashed to $1.

Booktaste executive Charles Bryce commented, "We are catering to all ebook formats. Ebooks are now popular worldwide, often outselling the bound printed copies. They do not replace traditional publishing, yet give it an extra dimension. A good read is a good read and ebooks streamline the whole pleasure."

Originating in Canada, Read An Ebook Week is an annual promotion that welcomes participants from all parts of the world at