PUK - any one had this problem

Can anyone help-I’ve blocked my mobile by putting in wrong code 3 times (I know, my fault)
How do I get back to normal so I can use my phone?

If it is a ‘Free’ account I think (I think) you can unblock it yourself on your user panel on the free mobile website. If it is another service provider, they probably offer they same type of thing. Log into your account.

Is it the SIM or the phone that is locked? If it’s the SIM you need to contact your provider. I’m pretty sure that I can get a PUK by logging on to my user account.

Thanks for your reply David
Question(I am a technophobe) how do I tell if its phone or SIM?

Does the phone turn on but not allow you to make calls. If so it’s the SIM. My phone, for example needs two PINs when I switch it on, the first is to access the phone, the second to access the SIM.