Purchasing car, registration, insurance with US drivers license

Is it possible to purchase a car, insurance and register it without a French driver’s license? I’m from California (not a reciprocal US state) and do not want to have to spend a couple thousand euros going to driving school etc. to obtain a French driver’s license. I’m 63 and know how to drive…just need to get to know French driving rules and laws.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

It would be pointless insuring a car without a valid licence because if you drove it you insurance would be void anyway. If you want to drive here you need to fulfil the obligations.

You don’t have to take a driving test in France to change your license -you just go to the prefecture with the correct paperwork and change it.An American I know here did just that-and she’s the same age as you. Just do it!

As an American that that only applies to certain states. California is not on the list of states that qualify for licence exchange. I presume that it’s considered that the Californian driving test is not rigorous enough.
Just out of interest does France, like the U.K., differentiate between licences gained using a manual car and those using an automatic?

As said. Even if you were able to get insurance, what would be the point of having a car if you don’t have a valid drivers licence? You would never be able to drive it on the road.

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Thank you for replying James.
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