Pure butter and milk

I am very much against the pratice of milking cattle kept in shedding 24/7 chickens too, but in this particular instance I would like in my own very small way to protest by not buying milk and butter produced in this cruel manner. I am able to buy eggs from a bio source and do shop locally in the bio-co-operative where one would hope their produce is cruelty animal free but sometimes I don't have the option and have to buy elsewhere. I did see a program on the TV from UK which highlighted varying conditions in which animals were reared.

There doesn't seem to be anything like that in France or am I missing something?

Who the cows or CWF?

But surely they need to get peoples attention!

It's interesting how attitudes change. In the 18th,19th and early 20th century most milk in cities came from stall fed cows. It was Mrs Murphy's cow that kicked over the candle and started the great fire of Chicago in 1910. Mrs Murphy's cow lived in an urban dairy. Cows are routinely zero grazed throughout the winter and are happy enough. It's the mega cowhouses which are the real abomination. Too many cows per unit and routinely medicated but this is the latest Yankee invention together with growth hormones and lactation stimulants. If you want to buy "bio" milk it's widely available in the supermarket. I grow my own fruit and veg organically but at times it seems to me that organisations like CWF paint with too broad a brush and lack nuance.

Hi Libby,

I'm with you, we only eat freerange and buy our meat locally and grow our own organic fruit and veg.

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