Pure VPN offer

Is this of use to anyody, I recently read a thread about Pure/vpn ? Maynot even be possible from France…I am a technophobe, so could any techie confirm if good deal?

Price is OK, but PureVPN not the best as detailed in the following link:


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List of free VPNs here.

Nothing is ever “really free”, we all know that … ?

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I found out that I now can’t use my SkyGo app (from my brothers UK account) - thanks brexshit, as well as amazon prime UK. Is anyone using this Pure VPN and skygo/amazon prime (not bothered about BBC iplayer) and does it work as well as its made out to, and easy to set up?

Yes and it works fairly well. You may have to jump between servers occasionally.

Thanks Mat, what do you mean by jumping between servers? Or am I being thick?

You pick which city you want to connect to, London or Manchester. Sometimes when connected to one of them SkyGo doesn’t work, swot h to the other one and it then works OK.

That makes sense - thanks. I’m going to give it a try