Puzzled! Income tax 2020

My bank balance has been looking ‘flush’ over the last few months, so I checked up on my bank statements. No income tax payments made during 2020…!!!

Opened up my dossier on impot.gov and clicked on “Avis d’impôt 2020 sur les revenus et prélèvements sociaux 2019” and found that I was not required to pay any tax in 2020…and that I had been reimbursed 500 euros. I have no idea why.

I fill in my tax declarations the same way each year, income/savings always roughly the same, and each year I pay monthly instalments. Has anything changed in the way declarations are assessed now?

Should I enquire at the tax office?

There’s an App for that (as they say) Brian. I use Simul’Impots but there are others, Impots, Calcul Salaire Brut/Net etc. All on the French AppStore. Probably available for Android too.

You can look at this to get a very rough estimate of whether you have dropped below a threshold, and then there is a simulator if you want to get more detail.


If you are a UK state pensioner with an S1 you won’t pay social charges on your pension.

You also get credit impôts for thinks like charitable donation, energy efficiency and using various home help services.

Or you can use this official online calculator