PV Electricity Generation


Does anyone know if you can use the electricity generated by your PV yourself or do you HAVE to feed it in via a feed-in tariff in France and use the grid as a top up over and above what you would use?



These are the prices you pay to buy:


This is the money you'll get when selling - note it's reducing every year (you get a contract at the start and they guarantee that payment for the lifetime of the contract). However I think they are now allowed to renegotiate if the number of people selling back increases above a certain level.


thanks Kate - do you know what the current tarif is?

As far as I know you can use the electricity yourself but why would you want to? You get much more cash back from ERDF for the electricity you generate than it costs to buy it from them. So it makes financial sense to buy what you need and sell what you generate - unless you can't get a supply from ERDF...