Pyrenees Route

I am driving from Dordogne to valencia and my wife fancies a scenic route across the pyrenees. I am not a mountain person so the best and least 'thrilling 'route please, born in Lincolnshireso flat for me is great!


Go down to Oloron Ste Marie, then over the Pyrenées in the direction of Sabiñanigo, then Huesca, then Zaragoza, then Valencia. It is a v pretty drive & doesn't take any longer than doing it any of the other ways! You can look at the incredible Canfranc station on your way... One thing I have noticed in Spain is that every time I go there are new or tarted-up roads with new names/numbers etc and they aren't on any maps or in the GPS... I spent about 4 hours crossing Aragon on a brand new road which was completely empty apart from me and had me wondering if it was even open yet & was it going to end in an unbuilt bridge or cliff or something.