Q re : Hospital in-patient, follow up/after care

Hi all, any one with knowledge to help me please!

My husband recently had an in-patient stay following on from cardio check-up.
Help required here please, I’ve tried using online form back to the Heart Consultant with no reply, this was to ask the question of when he needs to go back. Went to our MT and he confirmed nothing in his notes.
So, do we assume no need unless a problem occurs??
Husband’s French is limited and he wasn’t clear as to Consultants conversation being “only take medication for a month” (which I have managed to confirm!) Or come and see me in a month!! I know Big difference. I tried to ask the nurse I met on my arrival but not sure if I was clear enough for her to understand my Q!
Any guidance greatly appreciated, thanks

Ask a French speaker or your GP to contact the consultant and ask the question.

Hello Caz

Obviously this is too important to just leave so my suggestion is as follows.

Does your MT have a receptionist/secretary? If so, asked them to telephone the secretary of the heart specialist to confirm what is the next step. I suggest you write down exactly what you want to ask (use google translate or something similar) and take this with you to see the receptionist face-to-face.

Alternatively, your pharmacist will probably help you. I found my pharmacist to be exceptionally helpful to me and hubby when he was seriously ill and would help with just about anything like this. I’m sure he/she will phone for you.

I hope you get this sorted out.


Thank you Mandy Davies, never thought of Pharmacy. Good point as he has had medications since arriving here. Will give it a go, Caz

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Poppy Jones, thankyou for your reply.
I tried to do that last Friday with our GP, but I’m guessing he feels it’s something I can do.

I always stress with phone calls as you are not able to see facial expressions to guage whether you’ve been understood or not :joy:

Hi Caz

In a similar situation - some years ago - I actually went back to the Hospital and spoke with the Medical Secretariat there…

After a bit of phoning/checking - they got it all sorted and the information I needed was carefully written in my notebook.

Just a thought… :hugs::hugs:

If you have the consultants phone number maybe somebody here would give them a bell for you Caz? It’s often hard to interpret what medics are on about in English, let alone a “foreign” tongue :face_with_head_bandage:

Past experience with my husband and heart condition always go and get another appointment and ask again. Put your question in the translator - print it out and take it with you. You will have to pay again but the small cost is worth the peace of mind. The secretary is usually very helpful so maybe as her first and then get an appointment if you are still not sure.

Agree with Margaret. The consultant SHOULD have written a report and sent it to your GP. If your GP does not feel he should chase up the consultant (recently my lovely GP here did that for me, as I had been told by consultant medication to change and he would contact my GP… but he forgot to do that bit!) and have to say GP was annoyed that he had not been kept fully in the loop.

So, excellent advice to go back to the consultant, and this time ask for a letter to your GP!

Hope all is well, and do take it easy in this very hot weather.

Perhaps check first that your Doctor has still not received anything from the consultant. On occasions, for me/OH … correspondence has taken a few weeks - rarely, but it has happened.

On the off chance, and if you have one - anything added to your DMP ?