Q4 microentreprise cotisations?

Did I miss something about these not being taken or being deferred?

I did my declarations within the time limit (end of Jan 2021). Now, my URSSAF online account is showing that I have nothing outstanding, and nothing is being processed, but no money was taken from my account.



They took mine…

I need to call them, I’m so confused, I stopped one ME and started another during Q4. They sent the thing to say my earnings on the closed one so put €0 but still nothing from the new one other than an email back in November saying it was being dealt with. So I haven’t declared or paid for my earnings. Feel exhausted sometimes with the paperwork.

Don’t get me started. Between hiring a duff accountant to do the accounts to my URSAAF still being stuck at the Marseille office one year after moving house, I feel like I am doing nothing but paperwork right now.

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I found out why nothing had been taken. I have a telepayment mandate set up, but put 0 euros in the telepayment box when declaring my CA. Groan.

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