Qlima Monoblock Air Cooling/Heating - Any experience/Views?

We’re thinking about getting properly installed air conditioners for the two bedrooms of our gite rather than the free standing things we have at the moment.

Our local Brico has the Qlima monoblock product in stock and I wondered if anyone has any experience of them or similar and what your views are - thanks for any thoughts / suggestions.

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That does lookinteresting Sue and I am absolutely positive that there will be some informed (and probably rather strong) views on it :rofl:

We need to sort out our heating so I shall watch this thread with interest!

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Looks ok, ozone friendly refrigerant easy to fit.


I was wondering how noisy they would be likely to be if the fan bit is in the room rather than outside? (You may be able to tell from the question just how little I know about the way these things work :smiley: )

Not at all. That is eminently sensible. I looked up the pdf spec - I’ll see if I can find it as it gives db ratings and it was one of my concerns as the current things are noisy.


pdf here:

qlima pdf.pdf (236.6 KB)

Sound power level (SWL) dB 58
Sound pressure noise level at 1 m - silent mode (SPL) dB(A) 30

I’d be grateful if someone could explain these - thanks.

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I can’t sleep in hotel bedrooms with the aircon on… no idea what noise level they are though… but I always switch them off at bedtime…

So you’ve got me wondering and I found this site…



I don’t think I’d trust a technical site that can’t spell decibel correctly!

TLC are actually a very good electrical supplier. We used them for various things in our offices.

(Agree about their spelling capabilities but I’ve worked with engineers all my life and not being able to spell often goes with the territory :smiley: )


I’ll leave you to work your way through this link… :wink:


A weighted sound is a low frequency sound so 30db at 1 meter is a quiet hum. Any high frequency noise hopefully isnt the 58db as I dont understand that bit.

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This is simpler:


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I’m happy with the noise level of OH breathing… :rofl: :rofl:

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You obviously don’t live with someone who snores like a Tiger tank starting up on a February morning on the Eastern Front.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: believe me… snoring can be a good thing…
there are times when he is so quiet, I wake him up to make sure he is still alive…


Pretty sure Que Choisir has compared aircon products recently (like this summer) if you can get access

Thanks Karen

The (A) in dB(A) indicates A weighting, basically using a curve which changes the importance of sound at different frequencies based on the way the human ear works. So less “weight” is given to low frequency sounds and more to higher frequency sounds.
Anyway, 30dB(A) at 1m is really pretty quiet, probably below ambient in most cases. The other bigger figure is probably with it going flat out trying to cool the room down rather than a quiet mode you would use once you’ve got the temperature down and are going to sleep.

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Ambient at night is considerably lower below 20db a mosquito is around 20db if that helps.

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But you are also mostly going to be more than 1m from the unit in most cases.