Quarterly AE return - duplicate

Hi everyone, can someone clarify for me. As I started my AE in September, my first quarterly return is due by the end of this month. I did the return on line a couple of days ago, and duly got an on-line receipt followed up by something the post. This morning I have received exactly the same form, but with a deadline for submission of 02/02 instead of 31/01. Could I just ask, is this normal to get 2?? Should I just ignore this second one, or send it again. Happy to do whatever it takes but don't want to cause confusion. Thanks in advance. Beverley

I have hd this happen several times and since there seemed to be cinfusion as to where my citisations were going (department-wise... I'd moved from Deux Sevres to Haute Vienne) just to be on the safe side I printed a coy of my online confirmation and sent it back with the blank URSSAF form. I did this because I had earlier got a penalty notice for not having declared (even though they 'estimated' the exact amount that I had declared online).

Thanks for your reply Brian. Greatly appreciated.

Hi Gary, thanks for your response. I will delve a little more as I was told that September would be just rolled I to this quarter, so have assumed that my return is for 4 months.

Between you and I, I have kept it too .... Just in case :-)

Firstly, thank you for reminding me that every day I say I shall pay today and then do not. As for the second demand, I have had it a couple of times over the three or so years I have paid on line. The first time I phoned them all awash with fears to be told very causally that since I had paid not to bother and ignore it. Since I have had no 'consequences' I would say like Donna, forget it. As for the paper whatever through the post, probably as Val says, never had a follow up, just my on line receipt. They all have Christmas/New Year hangovers and are making a bigger hash of things than usual I suspect.

Beverley, has it gone in the bin yet? I'm so paranoid about paperwork here, I keep every piece of paper that the state sends me, even useless duplicates, and sometimes even the envelopes because they have a date stamped on them that is much later than the date of the letter that was in the envelope. Because you never know;-) But that's just me... I'm sure you won't need that duplicate.

Hi Valerie. No, on this occasion it isn't someone asking me to sign up for something. It is exactly the same. Thanks for your reply.

I think I might be because 31st Jan is on a Saturday so they give you another couple of days.

By the way, you will need to register an amount for Oct 31st (3rd quarter) too. I started in September and wasn't told I had to register an amount for October 31st . I then had a problem with USAAF. I told them repeatedl that I earned nothing for the 3rd quarter but in the end I had to send a letter registering 0.00 euros.

Thank you Donna for your speedy reply. Another one for the bin!

I'm waiting to see if any other members have come across this actually as I've never received anything in the post. I complete my declaration on line, print out the receipt as proof and they whoosh the money out of the bank. I've not ever received a follow-up. Just as a byline, it is definitely from the tax department? It's not some similar looking letterhead from people trying to get you to sign up for something is it?

Aha! Donna's comment popped up just as I was posting.

Hi Beverley, you can ignore the second one. I've seen this happen before, when I'd already made the online payment to URSSAF.