Question about paying income tax

Hi all,

I got my income tax statement from my 2021 tax return. I have €6,000 to pay so they wish to take out €1500/month for the remaining 4 months of the year to pay it.

They also wish to take €532 for 12 months.

Question 1 - Is there any way I can apply to pay off the €6,000 in more installments? My income is much lower this year so it’s going to be tough having that amount come out over 4 months.

Question 2 - I assume the 530/month payments are kind of paying forward for when my 2022 tax return is done, and i’ll be then given a rebate or asked for more next autumn?



Yes, the smaller payments are for next year. For this year you can ask for more time to pay, just send a message in your espace particulier saying why you need extra time,

Or if you are really in difficulties you can ask to be let off all or some of the tax. Not granted easily, but it is possible in exceptional cases where something has happened to mess up your finances this year (job loss, divorce, illness). It’s called a remise gracieuse and info below including the form which asks for all you income detail. Again all done via your service impots ( listed on tax demand)

vous pouvez adresser une demande de remise gracieuse de vos impôts directs (IR, impôts locaux …) au centre des finances publiques dont les coordonnées figurent sur votre avis d’impôt. Ce type de remise peut être accordé seulement dans des cas très exceptionnels et n’a pas vocation à être renouvelé.

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Get down to the Impôts and see them face to face, something like this needs to be sorted out and we always found going along and laying your cards on the table is by far the best way to do things. You also get a contact with whom you can deal personally with in future if you have problems. Don’t delay, go today or at least get a rdv if they are busy.


I’d definitely hot-foot down to the Tax Offices and get this sorted. They’re not ogres… talk to them and explain the situation… as others have said, it can be arranged…
However, you choose to contact them… best do it straight away.

good luck