Question for a Naturalist

(stella wood) #1

I keep finding empty snail shells… another lot this morning…

do you think it would be hedgehogs who are eating the tender interior…

Back in UK the thrushes would break the shells… but here, these are intact… :thinking::upside_down_face:

(Mark Robbins) #2

They must be naturist snails then. :grin:

(stella wood) #3

I thought I was very careful with my wording… :rofl::rofl:

(Peter Goble) #4

@Mat_Davies “they must be naturist snails, then”.

Very likely, snails have always been very far-sighted and unprudish gastropods.

I like the idea of naturist snails, it must be a very stifling existence to be always corseted and unable to gyre, gymble and gambol nude in the early morning dew of a May morning.

There ought to be protected pelouses where snails can un-shell in safety, and do their slimy thing unhindered, free of prurient and peckish intrusion.

(Nellie Moss ) #5

Isn’t a naturist snail a slug ?

(Peter Goble) #6

Slugs are inveterate exhibitionists, no modesty, snails have principles, slugs are of a coarser disposition, but are not to be blamed for that IMO.

(Jane Jones) #7

I’ve noticed that (as a generalisation) french children seem to have better table manners that british kids do these days. Perhaps it’s the same with blackbirds and thrushes: they eat more tidily?

Snails also fall foul of mice/voles and big beetles, and each other!