Question for LINUX Gurus / Geeks!

Good idea but note it will be very slow from a USB disk (even a USB 3 drive) so don’t make any judgements on performance until it is installed on a SATA drive.

Oh, sorry folks, I edited the thread title - that spare apostrophe was starting to bother me :slight_smile:

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or SSD :wink:

very brave. I’m a bit more cautious having followed the upgrade threads on Ask Ubuntu.
My preference will be to buy a new PC, install 20.04.1 on it from scratch (as I did with 18.04 from 16.04) and run both side by side until confident it works with my most « go to » packages and Printer/scanner set up.
Coward, or what? :grin:

Well, SATA covers both HDD and SSD. I note that Warren mentioned a 512GB SSD which I assume will be SATA - a 4th Gen Intel platform will not have NVMe natively.

PCIe to NVMe adapters exist and are not too expensive but that loses some of the convenience of just being able to install an NVMe drive onto the motherboard.

I have to say that I’m a total convert to NVMe for smaller drives - <= 2TB after that the prices get a bit steep

Point taken Paul… not thinking straight today after a distressing eye appointment yesterday :cry:

Oh no, hope that you are OK.

My safety net is that I have 2 laptops - a big old one that always stays on my desk and a little light one for traveling - so I do one at a time.
All the hardware, peripherals, etc, are fine - indeed for some reason I seem to be finding the wireless printer through the power line wireless extender more quickly than before, though that could be coincidence.
Can’t say I’ve tried every application yet - but no problems at all so far.

Left eye seriously high pressure (again) and increasing risk of neurovascular glaucoma so another angiogram, more laser treatment and eye injections :disappointed:
And I’ve been playing by the rules too… makes me wonder if it was worth it.

Sorry to hear about your eye appointment - hoping it wasn’t distressing medical news…

Sorry - just read your reply to Paul.

I’ve got an old XP laptop which won’t cope with 20.04 and I’d prefer to keep that « clean » for legacy purposes (very little, if any, Windoze apps appeal these days). The printer is an HP Laser jet Pro MFP fdw 281 which I’m really pleased with, connects wirelessly to my Bouygues B528 router and works well with Simple Scan (allowing the creation of PDFs), Dropbox and gLabels specifically. I also use Money Manager Ex (MMEX) for keeping track of my considerable fortune (not!) in both GBP and EUR which is a Snap package and a number of Gnome Extensions which makes controlling the desktop nice and easy.
If I do a vanilla installation on a new PC, my one will go to V to replace her old one (which was previously my old 16.04 box reconfigured to 18.04).

Thanks… :+1:

Any good?

For Ubuntu, yes. There’s an image specifically for the Raspberry Pi but mainly for server rather than desktop. I’ve been keeping an eye on it but not been tempted so far. I’m mindful that it might be on a similar level to trying to make Ubuntu like windows.

Yes. For a multitude of sins :grin:
I have installed Raspbian on 2 different Pis, one a Pi4 with 8 GB RAM, the other an older Pi2b. Both are running Nextcloud instances, one at work and one at home, with USB flash drives as extra storage for data. Both run a graphical desktop environment (Lxde), which is both lightweight and although not strictly necessary, comes in handy from time to time. I’ve got another Pi4 for work which is going to be set up for running a Docker instance for some web based ERP/billing software that I use.

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Hi Mark,
No good for me as I have a few laptop computers (I get a new one from the company every 3 years). I keep the youngest / oldest one in case of my newest having a problem, I mostly work from home & I’m +/- 250km from the office. The only coding I reluctantly do is using Dynamo & that’s visual programming not real script coding.
For all you programers out there. .jpg

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Thanks to you all, Wozza is now playing about with Linux 20.04.1 LTS.
Downloaded Rufus to create a bootable drive, then Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS onto a 500GB SSD external hard drive. At the moment haven’t gone the whole hog & install in place of Window on the computer. (I like to keep my options open).
Downloads & setup very easy.
First impressions very basic simple to use. Having worked with Mac OS & Windows, Linux is very basic, to me like going back to using the old Nokia telephones before I Phones.
Connection to the internet works well, I think if I didn’t need to use specialist programs it would be sufficient for me.


@Wozza I still can’t help but feel that attempting to make a pc one size fits all is not the way to go but well done for taking the plunge with Linux. What flavour did you go for in the end - Ubuntu?
I haven’t a need right now to explore CAD further but have a look at FreeCAD which should be downloadable from your software centre (in my case Ubuntu Software Center).

I’d be interested in your views on 20.04.1 LTS. 500Gb SSD is huge - I only have 128Gb and it’s no where near touching the sides…
In the meantime, does this link offer any guidance?

After a week, is it still performing well?
I’m considering a vanilla installation to 20.04.1 on a refurbed PC with a NVMe drive and HDMI to my Phillips 32" monitor so could be interesting…

The only very minor problem was that it disabled the syncing with my cloud and other laptop - I had to reinstall the app (a 2-minute job) and everything is now fine - both my laptops upgraded.

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Thanks for that Geof.
I use Dropbox although I do have a next cloud account which I haven’t used in ages. I have quite a bit of stuff in Dropbox and I’m hoping that the NAS will mount cleanly as it does in 18.04 using SMB.

Now I’ve played about a bit on Linux Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS.
I’m now looking for any recommendations on antivirus & VPN’s.
The VPN will be used for streaming sport, I player, itv hub, UK Amazon prime etc.