Question on health cover/carte vitale

I’m about to hand in my notice for my part-time badly paid salariée job and go auto-entrepreneur full-time as have just landed a contract with a company which would be a better income. However my husband tells me that I will lose my carte vitale rights. Is this true? Must I find a private health insurance company so that I remain covered? Does anybody know of a good one? My three kids are on my husbands carte vitale and we share the mutuelle. Is it even worth it to pay a private health insurance?

Evelyn, if Hubby has a C V you would, at worst, be on his C V.

Many people get their entitlement to a CV by registering as an ME so after sorting out the paperwork you should still be covered even it’s by another route.
In most cases as an AE/ME you have to have more than one client.

Your local CPAM or whatever… will be able to advise you of your rights and about hubbie’s card… why not go and have a chat face-to-face… ?? :relaxed::relaxed:

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No longer Bill, the ayant droit procedure to be a beneficiary on someone else’s card has been removed for people over 18. Now it’s PUMA and everyone resident is entitled to their own card.

It may well be that their is a seamless process from salaried to AE - best thing is to go into your nearest CPAM.

Except…for immigrant holders of S1’s in that an S1 ‘beneficiary’ (i.e. not the ‘entitled’ holder) will also receive ayant-droit status with the Assurance Maladie (along with their own CV).

So Madam is wrong Jane, don’t often happen that!

Not necessarily Bill - see my response above :wink:

A different matter entirely. So yes I agree if an S1 is involved there is a separate procedure for dependants but as far as I know it is referred to as the English “beneficiary” system. None of our french or English papers for the S1 use the words “ayant droit”. And the OP made no mention of an S1 being involved…

Yes Jane - I wasn’t replying to the OP - I was simply correcting your statement that :

That is not always the case and furthermore there is no such thing as the ‘English beneficiary system’.

(translation : ayant-droit = beneficiary)

Now then Bill… your Madam… or any of us… we are never wrong… you should know that… :relaxed: The facts may not always match our own thoughts but, of course, that is never our fault… :laughing::laughing:

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