Question on maison des artistes when registered with urssaf

I’m registered with urssaf as an auto-entrepreneur since oct 2017 for my art lessons which I give in my home. I’ve recently stopped working in a part-time salariée job because a company has hired me as an auto-entrepreneur to teach English. I’ve just taken part in an art exhibition and have sold 6 paintings. I would like to be registered as a professional artist however can anyone tell me what is involved? What payments do I have to make? What benefits are there to be registered? I presume that the 6 paintings I’ve sold will be my total of art sales for this year so is it really worth it to register until I can become more active? Also, do I declare the 6 art sales to urssaf? I’m registered with urssaf as a profession liberale (social service) and not as a commerciale…it’s all quite confusing!

My understanding is … art “sales” have to be above a certain value - from memory in the 8k+ range to register as an artist - the “tax” rates are beneficial compared to standard AE/ME rates so the barrier to entry are to stop everyone claiming to be an artist. Otherwise add a Commercant category to the AE registration and put the sales through that. I think its actual works of art rather than classes/teaching that count as art - but its all on their web site.