Question re Tax d'Habitation Form

I forget much these days, the latest is what to include in a count of “nombre de pieces” and floor space for the “Superficie”

The tax office at the prefecture sent as a simple for to fill in, basically need to confirm that none else lives here, that we own it and the above information. Can someone confirm for me with certainty what to count as a “piece”? I believe it is just bedrooms and lounge/salon and dining room? i…e. no bathrooms no kitchen.

What about the surface area? Is that just for the rooms that make up the nombre de pieces, or do we include the bathroom and kitchen area?

I seem to recall when we did it that the pièces were main rooms only, i.e. not bathrooms etc. But the superficié was the whole lot no matter what the room height was (so not excluding anything under 1.8m).

However this was a while ago when we finished renovating half the house, so best to check with your Marie.