Questions for British Ambassador


I am meeting the British Ambassador in Paris tomorrow for the If anyone has a question (serious and clean please) they would like us to put him. You can reply to this thread or send me an email at

We'll try and get as many to him as possible.


Ben McPartland

Hi Ben

Just thought it may be worth bringing up the fact that not all departments in France are complying with the European Court ruling concerning health cover for "inactives".

It was ruled last year that France's interpretation of eligibility for eu citizens health cover here in France was inaccurate. It ruled that there should be no need for 5 years residency before "inactives" are able to pay into the health system (as per those people who did prior to the change in 2007). Proof of permanent residence after 3 months should mean those people not working but under state pension age should be able to pay into the system under CMU.

This does not apply to us as we are covered under my husbands disability and our health cover is from the UK under CPAM. But, it was something we had to make ourselves aware of while we were waiting for the results of the DWP medical from the UK. He is still categorised as disabled and still covered. Had he been refused, we would have had to go down the route of getting into the system. We do not know if Deux Sevres would have interpreted this ruling correctly, but the British Council (I think) were asking for details from people if they are refused so they could bring it to the European Court's notice.