Quick CA Britline help

(Sian Jones) #1

Am in the process of filling in the Gargantuan Britline Form for my mother. Aaaarghh. But I know a bunch of you have done this before so am hoping you can make sense of it for me.

One thing I’m a bit stumped on - “Which additional Britline Services are of interest to you?” “Not many” is the answer, I think, but…

  1. Wtf is "Service package "?
  2. Eurocard/Mastercard instant debit card - is this just the standard debit card for the account, and if you don’t tick this box you can’t get at your money?

    Thanks all!

(Peta Morton) #2

Be careful you don’t get sucked into subscribing to their useless magazine that you pay a hefty fee for. I’ve been trying to cancel mine for years and still it keeps arriving. I suspect it comes under the

(Teresa Ewart) #3

Hi Sian…
We “Survived the Britline Forms”… It did take ages, It was an actual massive amount of work - BUT - they are exceptionally nice and friendly… I suggest you phone them…they practically filled in the form for me. Best, Teresa

Tel : 00.33.(0)
Opening hours : Mon-Fri 8.45am - 12.15pm / 1.45pm - 6.00pm (French time)