Quick CA Britline help

Am in the process of filling in the Gargantuan Britline Form for my mother. Aaaarghh. But I know a bunch of you have done this before so am hoping you can make sense of it for me.

One thing I’m a bit stumped on - “Which additional Britline Services are of interest to you?” “Not many” is the answer, I think, but…

  1. Wtf is "Service package "?
  2. Eurocard/Mastercard instant debit card - is this just the standard debit card for the account, and if you don’t tick this box you can’t get at your money?

    Thanks all!

Be careful you don’t get sucked into subscribing to their useless magazine that you pay a hefty fee for. I’ve been trying to cancel mine for years and still it keeps arriving. I suspect it comes under the

Hi Sian…
We “Survived the Britline Forms”… It did take ages, It was an actual massive amount of work - BUT - they are exceptionally nice and friendly… I suggest you phone them…they practically filled in the form for me. Best, Teresa

Tel : 00.33.(0)
Opening hours : Mon-Fri 8.45am - 12.15pm / 1.45pm - 6.00pm (French time)