Quick French check

(Tracy Thurling) #1

Please could someone confirm that the phrase below is correct - I am not sure about ‘rejouis’ in particular. It is an acceptance to quite a flowery positive response to a request to visit a top wine producer that is not open to the general public and I need it to be as polite as possible…

Je vous remercie de votre réponse favorable. Je me réjouis de M. FRED réunion le jeudi 26 mai à 11h00 avec mes clients dans le nom de Gordon et Stark

It would be much appreciated if someone could help as I need to respond quite quickly!

(Wendy Wise) #2

Any timeTracy, enjoy your visit! x

(Tracy Thurling) #3

That sounds absolutely perfect, thank you so much! My spoken French is absolutely fine but I struggle so much with the niceties of letter writing. I cope with emails but sometimes, you just have to do all the letter stuff in an email as well. I am so excited it is to visit Maison Drouhin in Burgundy!

(Wendy Wise) #4

L’heure du rendezvous me convient parfaitement et j’attends avec impatience le plaisir de faire la connaissance de Mr Fred avec mes clients Mr/Mme Gordon et Stark.

How does that sound?

(Tracy Thurling) #5

Just that the time they have offered me is perfect and I look forward to meeting Mr Fred at that time!
Sorry about delay - school run time!

(Wendy Wise) #6

what are you wanting to say in the second sentence Tracy?